Product Certification;Flex’s comprehensive certification brings products to market safely & quickly.


Technology has become increasingly complex. And complexity brings higher levels of risk, along with increased demands to validate the quality and reliability of a product. Flex’s comprehensive certification and testing services help bring products to market safely and within regulatory standards, reducing setbacks and delays.

Experience matters

Speed to market matters in today’s rapidly changing environment. But mistakes—especially around regulations and compliance—can be costly. Flex offers customers the agility, expertise, and efficiency needed throughout the testing process. Whether it’s structural testing or environmental analyses, Flex’s design and innovation centers have the latest equipment to help certify your products.

Product Certification - Flex’s design and innovation centers have the latest equipment to help certify your products
Flex’s certification services helps customers to deliver products with great stability and consistency.

A reliable partner

Flex’s certification services help our customers deliver a viable product to market with greater stability and consistency. In industries where reliability is especially crucial, such as medical, automotive, or aerospace and defense, products must work exactly as designed and intended. Our facilities are equipped for industry-specific certification services, including FDA, FAA, and ISO regulations, to ensure that our customers bring high-quality, reliable solutions to market.

Connected Solutions


Work with our world-class design and engineering teams to turn your design into a tangible prototype.

New product introduction

Find a more efficient path for your new product launch, from design and sourcing to development, manufacturing, and distribution—all with one partner.

Design and engineering

Optimize your product from the earliest stages of development. Flex’s 2,500 design engineers apply their expertise to help create viable products designed to scale.