• Announcing YTWO Formative

    Sketch-to-Scale Construction


    YTWO Formative – a joint venture between Flex and RIB – will transform the construction industry with a modern, integrated system designed to reduce costs, improve efficiency and deliver projects on time. Learn about this exciting new joint venture from Flex CEO Mike McNamara and Maria Bartiromo on Fox Business News.

  • Global Citizenship Report 2016

    Online version!

    Fully aligned to Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) – G4 Guidelines.

  • The VR/AR revolution

    The next great platform

    How AR and VR will revolutionize work and play.

  • The Intelligence of Things Magazine

    Building connections

    The evolution of infrastructure

    “A more prosperous world, a more connected world, a more vibrant world is going to be one where we focus on all layers of infrastructure,” says author Parag Khanna. Learn how communications is bringing the world together in the latest issue of INTELLIGENCE, available now.  

  • Flex & Jaunt bring
    Yellowstone Park

    to life in
    virtual reality

    Flex is proud to have co-produced a cinematic 3D virtual reality film shot at Yellowstone National Park with our customer, JauntVR ―celebrating the National Park Service Centennial.

  • Cognitive Computing &

    The Future of Business

    David Kenny, GM of IBM Watson says artificial intelligence is already delivering tremendous value, with even more possibilities for companies that use their proprietary data for a competitive advantage. Learn more in the latest episode of Connected Conversations.