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Augmented Reality system in use at Flex using Atheer glasses

Recently Flex started working with customer Atheer Labs, one of the premier makers of Augmented Reality headsets, to look at how we could improve the process of picking and packing products at Flex’s warehouse in Milpitas, CA. Flex’s Information Technology department worked with Global Services & Solutions to create a smart glass application targeting warehouse fulfillment.

Image of Yellowstone National Park captured by Jaunt VR camera.

Flex is proud to have co-produced a cinematic 3D virtual reality film shot at Yellowstone National Park with our customer, JauntVR ―celebrating the National Park Service Centennial.

When companies need to combine unique electronic components in a flexible and durable manner, they turn to Flex subsidiary Multek. As one of the world’s top Printed Circuit Board suppliers, Multek creates flexible circuits, printed electronics, rigid and rigid-flex interconnect circuits. Multek creates the flexible circuits essential to wearable health bands. Multek can even create printable, flexible circuits that act as a digital tattoo, where someone could control the volume or turn off the heat just by touching the top of their hand. With such a crucial place in Flex’s sketch-to-scale™ capabilities, Multek literally connects innovative electronics that create groundbreaking products. Multek’s CTO, Dr. Joan Vrtis, spoke recently with Brian Kemp about where flexible circuits and printable electronics are going…and what 5G wireless technology will bring next.  

Supply chain industry experts, including Flex’s Chief Procurement and Supply Chain Officer, Tom Linton, say a digitized IoT-enabled supply chain is critical to boost efficiencies, save costs and increase asset velocity through enhanced transparency, visibility and insights. Round-table speakers include IDC’s Bill Rojas, IBM Watson’s Daniel Kalutkiewicz, Li & Fung’s Robert Burton and SAP’s Saj Kumar.

The wearable device market will balloon to $37 billion in the next four years according to analysts. Where should an inventor start when all they have is an idea? How can established companies reinvent themselves by innovating in new markets? Flex Vice President of Consumer Technology John Dwyer helps guide creators to make the right decisions around business model, the best technology for their dollar, and the right way to take an initial idea to a global market.

At this year’s Wearable Technologies show in San Francisco, Flex and MAS Holdings unveiled a new partnership designed to co-innovate wearable technologies which accelerate and integrate the Intelligence of Things™ into clothing, and enable more natural, intuitive interactions between people and technology.

Team USA Flag Bearer Michael Phelps wore a Ralph Lauren jacket illuminated by Flex at the Olympics opening ceremony. 

With approximately 200,000 employees working across 30 countries, Flex’s global manufacturing line keeps moving around the clock. When natural disasters strike, earthquakes or floods can dramatically impact the supply chain for hundreds of products. But what about the people making those products? Flex takes a uniquely real-time and human approach that keeps products flowing when disaster strikes in this interview with VP of Connected Intelligence Kerry McCracken.

Digital music today can be a series of ones and zeros, bleeps and bloops that don’t always have the analog ‘soul’ of traditional instruments. The innovative ROLI Seaboard takes a different approach, one which combines the power of digital music with the flexibility and range of traditional instruments. The Seaboard enables electronic musicians to glide between notes, adjust the intensity of their playing and bring a new layer of emotional intensity to their music.

Flex CEO Mike McNamara says a unified culture is one of the most important factors for a successful company. McNamara learned this early in his career managing production lines, and explains how Flex has learned to Live Smarter in this fascinating interview with Flex CMO/CCO Michael Mendenhall.

As billions of devices come online, how do you know your car will be able to talk to your garage? How will a modern production line integrate orders from a cloud-based sales system? Standards are required to enable connected devices to unlock the Intelligence of Things™ in this story on two organizations helping devices work well together.

Flex is in the forefront of designing and manufacturing wearable devices world-wide that deliver brand-new capabilities in compact form-factors. Flex’s sketch-to-scale platform gives manufactures an optimal opportunity for creating wearable technology with unique product innovations including flexible circuits, 3D printed circuit boards and stretchable sensors.

Live Smarter is Flex’s home for information about the latest in manufacturing and our sketch-to-scale™ revolution. This will include stories from innovators creating breakthrough products and interviews with the people who are changing the world as part of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.