Flex Innovation - Ecosystem - collective innovation environment along with guidance etc.

Flex Innovation

Flex helps bring to market technologies that make tomorrow’s disruptive products possible. We provide a collective innovation environment along with guidance, mentorship, and services to help early stage technology players commercialize their ideas.

Flex Innovation Labs, nurture innovative companies and smart technologies

A partner for breakthrough technologies

Building the next game-changing technology requires a broad mix of hardware, expertise, and resources. At Flex Innovation Labs—located in the heart of Silicon Valley—we nurture innovative companies and smart technologies in a state-of-the-art technology development environment. With the support of Flex’s advanced design engineers, technology startups gain access to one of the world's largest hardware ecosystems. And Flex offers our enterprise customers a built-in research and development resource—and quick access to the startups and breakthrough technologies that turn businesses into market leaders.

Flex Innovation Lab/Lab IX for start-ups gain access to Building the next game-changing technology.

For startups

Have a concept or prototype? Flex Innovation Lab provides the guidance and resources to fully develop and commercialize your technology. You work side by side with Flex’s engineers and designers, as well as other startups, and gain access to cutting-edge prototyping and manufacturing capabilities. Once your technology is ready, we introduce it to the world’s leading companies. In a business environment where nine out of ten startups fail, we give you a competitive advantage by increasing your odds of success.

For enterprise: From Biometric Sensors to Augmented Reality (AR), Flex Innovation Lab is providing technology for a smarter world.

For enterprises

From biometric sensors to augmented reality, Flex Innovation Lab is providing technology for a smarter world—and enabling the groundbreaking products that your customers want. Flex Innovation Lab technologies come pre-qualified for immediate use or can be modified to fit a customer’s unique project needs. With a growing portfolio of cutting-edge innovators, Flex Innovation Lab gives enterprises access to ready-to-implement, state-of-the art technologies without the upfront investment cost and hassles.