Medical/Health Industry Expertise: wearable medical devices, wearapeutics, drug delivery systems, diagnostics & more


The convergence of technology and healthcare is creating unprecedented opportunities for medical companies to transform their healthcare solutions. Global cost pressures in the healthcare ecosystem are forcing companies to constantly innovate. Flex partners with customers to drive advancements in medical technologies by leveraging its cross-industry expertise and Sketch to Scale solutions.

Connected care

Innovations across industries, from consumer technology to communications, are driving breakthroughs in medical. Flex has the visibility and access to successfully integrate technologies across different industries. With Flex, our customers create the medical solutions of the future—such as gesture controls for robotics that allow greater precision in surgical equipment, and flexible circuit designs that seamlessly integrate into body sensors to monitor vitals. Our Sketch to Scale platform brings innovative products to market fast while incorporating best-in-class reliability and quality.

Flex Sketch-to-Scale platform bring products such as wearapeutics, drug delivery systems and more fast to market.

Best-in-class quality

With decades of experience in designing and manufacturing FDA compliant medical devices, Flex helps customers develop and assemble products that meet the medical industry’s strict quality standards. Our dedicated quality team has a deep understanding of global regulatory requirements using proprietary predictive analytics and rigorous workflow tools to help ensure compliance—de-risking the development process and reducing costly setbacks. 


Medical devices from syringes, surgical tubing to respiratory monitoring equipment.

Medical devices

Flex has decades of experience building reliable medical devices that meet rigorous global quality and regulatory requirements. From small consumables, such as syringes and surgical tubing, to complex respiratory monitoring equipment, our expertise in medical design, validation, process engineering, manufacturing and precision plastics, provides our customers with an unparalleled strategic advantage to compete in the medical industry with scale, scope and speed.

Wearapeutics, wearable medical devices such as pens, auto injectors or inhalers.

Pharmaceuticals and drug delivery

In partnership with many of the leading pharmaceutical companies, Flex has designed, manufactured, and commercialized key innovative drug delivery solutions. From pens and auto injectors to pumps and inhalers, Flex has innovated with our  partners to find solutions for the most difficult drug delivery challenges.

Medical Diagnostics Equipment: DNA sequencing to Imaging & Monitoring devices.

Diagnostics and equipment

Flex’s global facilities specialize in the high-mix, low-volume demands of complex medical diagnostics and equipment, from DNA sequencing to diagnostic imaging and monitoring devices. Our team of experts collaborate with our partners across every discipline—including research and development, supply chain, product management, manufacturing, and commodity management—helping customers reduce costs without sacrificing quality.

Sketch to scale platform enables integration of microelectronics and nanotechnology systems for ICDs, pacemakers, neurostimulators, sleep apnea implantables, and more…

Implantable device systems

Flex designs, develops, and integrates microelectronics and nanotechnology systems for ICDs, pacemakers, neurostimulators, sleep apnea implantables, and other electroceutical therapies. Our Sketch to Scale solutions help customers consolidate suppliers for complex electronics, de-risk supply chains, and manage costs.

Connected Solutions


Bring your product to market safely, efficiently, and within regulatory standards—avoiding setbacks or delays.

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Get the deep engineering support and technological advantages that make problem solving more efficient and effective in a smarter, connected world.

Technology building blocks

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