• The Intelligence of Things is here. Learn more about Flex.


    The Age of Intelligence is here.
    Are you ready?

    In today’s rapidly evolving marketplace, intelligence is critical to stay ahead. Working with partners across the globe, Flex is pioneering a new era of intelligent products that will help the world live smarter.

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  • CNBC Managing Asia: Mike McNamara -- the Man transforming Flex #managingasia


    Managing Asia
    Mike McNamara on CNBC

    Flex CEO discusses the Age of Intelligence and modern manufacturing on CNBC.

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  • Exploring how innovators
    Live smarter™

    Watch our new video series on innovators and their inspirations, motivations and passions. Check back for more interviews from CES 2016 in Las Vegas, Digital-Life-Design in Munich and the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

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  • Flex Investor Call Earnings Q4 FY16. Nasdaq: FLEX


    Q4 FY16 

    Tune in on April 28, 2016 at 2:00 PM PT, as CEO Mike McNamara and CFO Chris Collier review Q4 results and discuss how Flex helps usher companies into the Age of Intelligence.

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  •  Is your country ready for the IoT - Flex Survey

    Ready for the IoT?
    Survey examines global expectations

    91% of IT leaders agree: The Internet of Things is a necessary part of their country’s economic future. Focusing on China, Germany, India, Japan, the U.K. and the U.S., a Flex-commissioned survey on the Internet of Things shows which countries are most enthusiastic, and which see more work ahead.

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  • CEC President Caroline Dowling with Christine Lagarde, MD of the IMF at Women in the World

    Women in
    the World

    Caroline Dowling discusses the Fourth Industrial
    Revolution & how technology & products
    can change the world in a positive way.

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  • Wearables & Smart Homes, Flex has compiled a list of 50 of the smartest, connected products available.

    The 50 smartest devices.
    Which will change the world?

    With the explosion of wearable and smart home products, Flex has compiled a list of 50 of the smartest, most connected products available today, and in the future.

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