Our People

Our People

We turn our business goals into reality by attracting and retaining the right talent. The statement “Where people make the difference” reflects our belief that business success is a direct result of creative and innovative employees. Therefore, building a robust talent pipeline is a key focus for Flex.

Through the following four-step approach, we provide an environment that allows employees to achieve their personal and professional aspirations:

Step 1: Time to Acquisition

Attract and retain talent by providing a supportive team environment that fosters career growth.

Step 2: Time to Performance

Establish learning and career development programs that empower our people to achieve their dreams and aspirations.

Step 3: Time to Engagement

Once we’ve identified the right talent, we engage, inspire, and retain them. We also engage employees to serve the local community and, in the process, find a sense of belonging.

Step 4: Time to Transformation

We transform the human resource function into a cost-, quality-, and customer-focused strategic business partner, while turning Flex into a great place to work.


At Flex, employees can develop their careers through various programs and global opportunities.


In order to facilitate a supportive and collaborative environment where they can achieve success, employees are surrounded by great teams that include industry experts. Flex values its people and invests in them in the areas of health and safety, human and labor rights and learning and development.

Human and labor rights

At Flex, our people have the greatest impact on our success. In return for their dedication, we offer a work environment in which they can learn and improve as they advance their careers and achieve their life goals.


  • We’ve invested millions of dollars to upgrade dormitories, cafeterias, and safety standards across our facilities in China to provide employees with better work and living environments.
  • We’ve established extensive labor relations programs to build a work environment that fosters teamwork, facilitates learning, and promotes open communication.
  • We conduct regular employee communication sessions to facilitate dialogue between senior leadership and employees.
  • We hold recreational, social, and community service activities to improve the health and well-being of our employees.
  • We’ve established career enhancement programs designed to facilitate employee career progression within the company.


We’re committed to respecting our employees’ labor and human rights while continuously improving their working conditions through the following set of principles:

  • Freely chosen employment
  • Prohibitions on child labor
  • Fair compensation, wages, and benefits
  • Respect for working hours and rest days
  • Equal opportunity for all without discrimination
  • Zero tolerance for harassment and abuse
  • Empowering employees for career advancement
  • Enabling employees to engage with management and freely voice their concerns and opinions without fear of reprisal or retribution

Flex leading the way

Flex is a founding member of the Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition (EICC), a group of companies working together to create a comprehensive set of tools and methods that support collaborative implementation of the EICC Code of Conduct. This code details best practices for performance, compliance, auditing, and reporting across five areas of social responsibility: labor, health and safety, environmental, ethics, and management system.

The EICC Code of Conduct and Flex’s internal Code of Business Conduct and Ethics form the foundation of Flex’s commitment to upholding the human and labor rights of our people.

Flex’s engagement with the Global Business Initiative on Human Rights (GBI), which started in 2010, further solidifies our commitment to enhance our best practices for continuous advancement in line with our commitment to build a community with respect and dignity.

GBI, a unique business-led initiative focused on advancing human rights in businesses around the world, strives to bring together corporate leaders to share good practices, while identifying barriers to the advancement of human rights and providing input for international policy developments. GBI works together with the United Nations Global Compact Office and is supported by the Swiss government.

Health and safety

We’re committed to providing a healthy and safe workplace where a strong safety culture is instilled at every level of the organization.

Our aim is to preserve everyone’s physical integrity through the implementation of our environmental, health, and safety (EHS) standards. These include, but are not limited to: 

  • Evaluating workplace hazards and risks and designing appropriate administrative and engineering controls to eliminate them. 
  • Identifying emergency situations that may occur due to natural and man-made disasters and establishing response plans that minimize impact on our people and assets. These plans include investing in fire suppression equipment, chemical spills containment equipment, first aid equipment, etc. 
  • Implementing industrial hygiene programs to minimize our employees’ exposure to chemical, biological, and other harmful agents. Program goals include encouraging employees to monitor their health, the provision of protective equipment, and the evaluation of alternative technologies and materials. 
  • Educating employees on health and safety topics, training employees on how to deal with hazards and risks that cannot be eliminated at the workplace, and teaching them the steps to take when emergencies occur.