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Flextronics Pledge follows the principles, policies and standards as prescribed by the Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition (EICC). Flextronics is a founding and active member of EICC

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The Flextronics Pledge

At Flextronics, we believe that a sustainable approach to business is essential and therefore, it forms a core part of the way in which we do business. The Flextronics Pledge identifies our Corporate Social and Environmental Responsibility (CSER) program.

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The Flextronics Pledge’s four cornerstones—People, Environment, Ethics and Governance and Community Partnership—form the foundation of innovative and proactive solutions that allow Flextronics to continually improve our corporate citizenship and workplace performance.

“Beyond Responsibility, Building Community” summarizes the guiding principles behind The Flextronics Pledge, in that, we strive to deliver a sustainable impact on the global communities where we live and work in order to become a trusted employer, partner and investment of choice.

The Flextronics Pledge is interwoven into the key values that drive our company's focus. It embodies the spirit of our corporate commitment to build a sustainable framework for social, economic and environmental activities that are integral to us and consistent with our purpose and values.

The Flextronics Pledge 2.0

The Flextronics Pledge 2.0 is an integrated CSER Management System built to address our ever expanding customer, regulatory and stakeholder requirements in a sustainable fashion.

The Flextronics Pledge 2.0:

  • Incorporates all of the elements of the Flextronics Pledge 1.0
  • Incorporates updates from EICC 3.0 to 4.0
  • Includes a built-in Environmental Management System with a scope that extends far beyond ISO 14001

  •     - PEC beyond RoHS (PTC Solution)
        - EWaste Management (Waste Standard)
  • Includes a built-in Health & Safety Management System

  •     - Existing Safety 90 Program
  • Includes a revamped Labor and Ethics Management System
  • Provides new foundational capabilities/enabling solutions

  •     - Sustainability Metrics Program
        - Communication and consultation improvements
  • Provides revamped SAQ, EHS standards, procedures, guidance documents, and more
  • Scalable and room for growth