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2012 Wellness Incentive Results

Healthy Activities = Healthy Rewards

As part of our initiatives to manage costs and improve employee health, we introduced the Personal Health Rewards (PHR) Program at the beginning of 2012. The program tracks your health activities and rewards you for taking steps to help maintain good health or to achieve greater health.

Employees and covered spouses/domestic partners who completed specific healthy activities identified on personalized scorecards (preventive screenings, telephonic wellness coaching, etc.) and earned a minimum of 150 points by September 30, 2012 will see a credit toward their 2013 medical premiums in their paychecks.

Although there is considerable value with the PHR program, we’re looking to do more in 2013. We plan to make our program more robust and offer even better tools and resources. We will continue to provide incentives for reaching certain goals and outcomes and engage our employees in improving and managing their health. Watch for more information in the coming months.

The table below provides aggregate results as of October 15, 2012 for services completed by September 30, 2012 for participating United Healthcare (UHC) employees and their enrolled spouse or domestic partner.
Incentive Points as of 10/15/12

0 Points 25 - 75 Points 100 - 125 Points 150 Points 175 - 275 Points 300+ Points Total Members
Number of Members (Employee and Spouse/Domestic Partner) reaching each Point Level 1,874 1,830 1,353 652 2,464 918 9,091
Percentage of Members reaching each Point Level 21% 20% 15% 7% 27% 10% 100%
Members* who earned zero - 149 points will receive zero medical premium credits in 2013
Members* who each earned 150 – 299 points will receive $150 in medical premium credits in 2013
Members* who each earned maximum 300 points will receive $300 in medical premium credits in 2013
*Members defined as employee and enrolled spouse or domestic partner