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Where We Are: Global Footprint and Industrial Parks

Flextronics has established an extensive network of design, manufacturing and logistics facilities in the world’s major electronics markets to serve the growing outsourcing needs of both multinational and regional original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).

Our extensive global network of manufacturing facilities in more than 30 countries gives us significant scale, as well as the flexibility to transition projects to any of our locations in order to fulfill our customers’ requirements. The majority of our manufacturing capacity is located in low cost regions such as Brazil, China, Hungary, India, Malaysia, Mexico, Poland and Ukraine. This low-cost global network enables us to execute across a flexible, scalable system to deliver superior operational performance and optimal results.

Countries Where We Operate*

*List may exclude some logistics facilities, design and engineering and product introduction centers.
Americas Europe Asia
  United States
  Czech Republic
  United Kingdom
  South Korea
  Taiwan   The Philippines
Americas Europe Asia
  Brazil / Português
  Canada / Français
  Mexico / Español
  United States
  Austria / Deutsch
  Czech Republic / Česky
  Germany / Deutsch
  Hungary / Magyar
  Israel / עברית
  Italy / Italiano
  Netherlands / Nederlands
  Poland / Polski
  Romania / Română
  Russia / Русский
  Sweden / Svenska
  Turkey / Türkçe
  Ukraine / Українська
  United Kingdom

  China / 简体中文
  Indonesia / Bahasa

  Japan / 日本語
  South Korea / 한국어
  Taiwan / 繁體中文
  The Philippines

Industrial Parks

In order to maximize the advantages of our global large scale, high volume capabilities and diminish the cost of production, Flextronics has developed integrated Industrial Parks in low cost regions of all major world markets. Products can be produced on-site and shipped directly from Industrial Parks to end users, significantly reducing the freight costs of incoming components and outgoing products. Products that are not produced on-site can be obtained from our network of regional manufacturing facilities located near the Industrial Parks.

We leverage a global presence to provide customers and partners with the quickest, most cost-effective materials procurement possible. Every Industrial Park provides complete plastic injecting molding capabilities, including prototyping, mold making, verification and validation, with injection types that include gas assist, thin wall, two shot forward/BI color and invert/over molding. Our Industrial Parks are located in the following areas:
Americas Europe Asia
  Sorocaba, Brazil
  Guadalajara, Mexico
  Juarez, Mexico
  Milpitas, United States
  Zala/Sárvár, Hungary
  Tczew, Poland
  Suzhou, China
  Zhuhai, China
  Chennai, India
  Penang, Malaysia