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Flextronics employs a business group strategy that maximizes the economies of scale of our centralized core services, such as manufacturing, procurement, logistics and IT and customized, market-specific capabilities offered through industry-specific design, engineering and original design and manufacturing (ODM) services. This approach enables us to deliver highly competitive services in an increasingly complex industry with a diverse, competitive customer base. It also allows us to make fast, flexible decisions in response to changing market conditions. Flextronics delivers value and innovation to our original equipment manufacturer (OEM) customers through the following four business groups.

High Reliability Solutions

High Reliability Solutions covers avionics, flight and engine controls, ruggedized communications, wire harness for ground and air vehicles, night vision systems, security systems and surveillance. In the energy area, we support the entire market infrastructure from generation, to transmission and distribution to smart use. Within this group, we also produce automotive smart electronics, lighting and clean tech solutions. For medical applications we provide drug delivery devices, diagnostic equipment, telemedicine and disposable devices.

Consumer Technologies Group

Consumer Technologies Group covers consumer electronics products such as mobile phones, smartphones, portable audio devices, wearable electronics, wireless modules, home entertainment equipment, game consoles, printers, home entertainment equipment, PCs, notebook computers and tablets, as well as home and business connectivity products such as set top boxes, wireless hubs, home security and automation devices. A unique segment, ICE (Integrated-Connected-Emerging), enables the leaders of today to take new ideas and concepts and productize them in a rapid, easy and cost effective manner. Consumer Technologies Group customers range from global multinational corporations to cutting edge technology startups.

Integrated Network Solutions

Integrated Networks Solutions covers end-to-end solutions in telecommunications, including optical networking; networking, such as enterprise infrastructure; and servers and storage space, including cloud computing hardware. Vast portions of today’s internet run on switches, routers, optical transport gear, mobile backhaul and data centers built by Integrated Network Solutions factories around the globe. Seventeen manufacturing sites offer OEMS in the industry flexible footprint while seven design centers provide complex design capabilities such as low power cloud servers, dense high-speed backplanes, EMI modeling, line card design for optical transport and mobile backhaul tower designs. Integrated Network Solutions customers span from fast growth companies to established Fortune 500 companies.

Industrial and Emerging Industries

Industrial and Emerging Industries covers a diverse collection of products. Capital equipment, home appliances and meters to name a few. This group generally serves customers with greater mechanical, plastics and configuration requirements . Flextronics’ strength and scale in sourcing electronic components can provide particular value to these industries. .


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